Friday, February 18, 2011

Project Linus

Some time ago I posted about a basket of quilting fabrics and patterns that our son had won for me at a raffle.  This Connecting Threads flannel quilt kit was in the basket.  It was a joy to make and the fabrics were such good quality.  I have a lot of fabric left from it, so I'm sure I can come up with something else for Project Linus with the leftovers.

Next Friday two friends and I are headed to a quilt retreat.  I have had it on my mind a lot, and I'm making lists and trying to figure out just what among my several options that I want to take to work on.  I have precut the first two blocks in the free Bunny Hill Designs BOM and I am taking them to start with.  The blocks are so cute, and I'm excited to get going on them.  I'll keep watching for the March block.

I pulled out my Farmer's Wife quilt blocks the other day, and cut the setting blocks and corners.  I did a little bit of putting it together and I'm thrilled with the way it looks. 

I've been trying to be careful about what I eat, and then friends invited us to go to a German restaurant tonight, so that's definitely not going to help the cause.  Hopefully I will get back on the "careful" wagon tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weeked, and hopefully you will have some quality time doing whatever floats your boat.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little of this and little of that

Every time I tell myself to write on my blog more often, I fall down on the job once again.

We took three of the DGC to the beach last Thursday. We had a lovely time, but Friday was so windy, rainy and cold, so we found things to do indoors. We'll have to try another time when we can spend more time outside.

I looked back at my blog and find I didn't post anything about our trip to Florida in December. We were gone for 12 days and had a fantastic time. DH and I spent the first 7 days traveling around by ourselves. We went across alligator alley (and yes, there were LOTS of alligators), visiting the Everglades, going down through the Keys to Key West, walking on the Atlantic beach, going to Kennedy Space Center, etc. On December 19, we joined up with our son and his family and our DIL's parents and spent several days at Disney World. What a fantastic time that was!
This guy was big!!
Our son, DIL and grandchildren
Hubby and I in Key West

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse-beautiful!

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