Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another completion

I haven't gotten much done this week. We have helped our son and his wife by caring for two of our sick DGC on Monday and Wednesday. They were very sweet, and we enjoyed having them.

Tonight is my quilt guild meeting, and I was asked to be the "presenter" tonight. What that involves is taking quilts I have made and tell a bit about what I have done. There are only 20 or so usually at a meeting, so it isn't a huge deal. I will take my Winter Wonderland and Spring Beauty and a few others. I borrowed back a couple of quilts from our other son and his wife and will take those also.

One thing I did manage to get completed last night as we sat in front of the TV was another Project Linus quilt. The fabric in the nine patches was left over from a quilt I made for our younger grandson. I hope some little boy will get some enjoyment out of this project.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two completed projects

Well, I had hoped for more completions this month, but I will probably have to settle for these two.

One completion is a crocheted towel. A friend had made me one a few years ago and I liked it, so I got the pattern and made another. It works well to hang on the handle under the kitchen sink.

I also got the baby quilt done for my niece, who is scheduled for a C-Section on February 2. They are having a little boy, and the theme for his room is sporty type stuff. I found this cute flannel a while back, and I am not fond really of working with flannel, but it was too cute to pass up, so I bought it, and then found other fabrics to go with it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

One Project a Month Challenge

It has been a while since I posted, so best get busy, I think. I saw my friend at Linda Quilts Too saying she had signed up on the One Project a Month Challenge, and I decided I better not let her get one over on me, so I signed up also. I think it will be fun. January might be a little slow for me to accomplish much because we are making a trip to CA for about 10 days, but since I can't handle my hands being idle, maybe I'll get something done. I do have a baby quilt I have to finish for my niece's baby that is due to be delivered on Feb. 2, so maybe I can get that ready for quilting between our grandson's basketball games this weekend, our granddaughter's dance recital, and pro football games on TV.

I started crocheting a ripple afghan last night. I haven't done a project like that for many, many years. I am really enjoying it, and will take that with me to CA to work on while we drive.

I also have been working on my large Thimbleberries Lakeside BOM that I did in 2008. I know that I am a glutton for punishment, but I am increasing the size of it to fit our king-sized bed. That definitely will not be finished in January.

Since I don't have any quilting pics to show now, I will show you a pic of our darling grandchildren on the first day of our big snowstorm in December. They were in our bakyard, and were so excited, but the snow was so dry, that it was hard to make a snowman.

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 already!

Happy New Year out there to all you fellow bloggers! I hope 2009 brings wonderful things to you.

I have been working on my Thimbleberries Lakeside BOM from 2008. I am making the big quilt, and am to the point of putting the components together. Hopefully within the next couple weeks I will have the top done. I need to order some more fabric, because I want to make it king-sized, so it needs to be larger than the 94 x 114 that it is supposed to be. I will do some changing of the borders to get it the size I want.

We had so much rain in our area yesterday and overnight. There is a lot of flooding, partly because the ground was already saturdated from so much snow melt. We are fine at our house, but there are many not so fortunate.

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