Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend in Washington

We had such a lovely weekend. My sis and her husband from Tucson were visiting my niece and her hubby and baby this past week. It was easier for DH and I to go visit them than for them to travel to see us, so we went up on Friday and came home today. My niece is a top notch cook and spoiled us with delicious meals. While at their house, we visited Kayak Point park and went to Whidbey Island. The scenery was just beautiful, but the best part was being with family, and getting to know my darling little great-nephew Brayden. He is such a happy, sweet baby.

This is Deception Pass in the Puget Sound. It is really a breathtaking sight.

And this would be my sister, her hubby, and baby Brayden.

And now my niece, her hubby and Brayden at the Deception Pass Park.

And finally, DH and myself at Kayak Point.


  1. Lovely pictures. You are surrounded by such beauty!

  2. The pictures are indeed breathtaking. Braydon is a cutie and I certainly can see the family resemblence with you and your sister. I am glad you had such a nice trip.

  3. Yep! You're sisters for sure!
    And of course Braydon is darling.
    I love all the scenery pics you post. Helps me see the world through your eyes. Which is the closest I'll ever get. haha


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