Friday, June 11, 2010

Granddaughter highlights

Our younger granddaughter, age 8, has played softball for three years, and really enjoys it. We love watching the little girls. This is the first year that the girls have pitched, so there are lots of balls thrown and not a lot of strikes.  After the pitcher throws four balls, the coach comes in and pitches a maximum of three pitches. Prior to this year, they used pitching machines. This first picture shows our DGD after having connected with a pitch and placing it out in center field. The next picture is her on base. The third picture was taken a while back when she caught this big trout. She won the biggest fish competition among her family and friends. 

Today she and I made cupcakes, and I've come to the conclusion that with her and her cousin, the favorite part of the process is licking the bowl.

Next grandchild feature will be our oldest, and he is our baseball, football and basketball player.  So stay tuned...


  1. She looks adorable in her uniform. Those are pretty spiffy! All our boys get is a t-shirt and hat. Of course they could really care less.
    Congrats on the big fish! Did she clean it and have it for dinner? lol

  2. that was a serious fish!!! I hope you had it for dinner!! Its good she is so active, much healthier!!

  3. What a neat idead to have a granddaughter feature! Man is she growing up. All that and a fisherwoman too! LOVE IT!!


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