Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not sure I'm ready for this

 We're getting ready to hit the road on Friday morning, and I'm not quite psyched up about it yet.  Mind you, I'll get there, but right now I'm thinking about all the grandkids' events that we will miss, and there are tons in June.  HOWEVER, we will be taking a lovely road trip, which we both love to do.  We'll see some beautiful scenery, and visit family in Nebraska and North Dakota.  I'll also get to see my friend  Linda from  Linda Quilts Too.  Then we will get to go together to a quilt shop she really likes.  I will try to post photos after she and I have our little reunion.

I am so glad our peonies decided to make an appearance before we leave.  The buds were so tight that I was just sure we were going to miss them entirely.  I had never seen a peony before we moved to Oregon way back when, and I just love them.  There is a peony garden not far from us where they raise what must be hundreds of different peonies.  The only disadvantages of peonies that I can see is that they are expensive to purchase,  and the blooms don't last long enough!
And then this is the last of our irises.  They are so cheerful and bright.  It makes me think maybe I should make a bright yellow and purple quilt!

And then on a total self-serving note, I'm hoping all of our blueberries don't get in any big hurry to get ripe.  If they would just hold on (doubtful) until toward the end of June, that would be grand.  :-)


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous. Have a lot of fun on your trip. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  2. And I can't wait for you to get here and we can spend some precious hours together. So looking forward to your visit.


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