Friday, July 25, 2008

My first post

Oh, goodness, where do I start.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I have been married 41 years to a terrific man, and have two sons and daughters-in-law. We all live in a Portland, OR suburb. One son and his wife and two DGC live across the street, and the other son and his wife and two DGC live a little over a mile from us, so I am very, very lucky in that regard. Each family has a boy and girl. Their ages range from four to ten. We see a lot of all four, and enjoy them immensely.

I first start quilting in about 1979, and did a few things, and then never went back to it until 1998, when the first grandchild was on the way. I made quilts for each of the grandchildren, and then when the third one was on the way in 2001, I took a beginning quilt class, and I have been hopelessly addicted ever since. I have made a lot of quilts, and enjoy every aspect of the process. I like to piece, paper piece, applique (both machine and hand), redwork, and quilt. I do my machine quilting myself on my Juki. I've made small and very large quilts.


  1. Great news that you are an offical blogger. I can't wait to see more and read more about your wonderful family.

  2. This is soooo cool that you are blogging too Donna.
    And OMGosh I do love that quilt.


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