Sunday, July 27, 2008

At the top of the Space Needle

These two handsome lads are our two DGSs. We took them to Seattle this last week for a couple days. We saw a Mariners/Boston Red Sox game and they swam at the motel.

The next day we played at Green Lake Park and then went up in the Space Needle. That was a super experience, but Anson (the little one) thought we were going on the space shuttle, so he was a bit disappointed. We had lunch at the cafe, and the kids rode a few rides that are there at the Seattle Center. Dick rode the log flume and roller coaster with Tanner, and I rode some other thing that goes very, very fast. Anson rode some little kid rides, and was pretty thrilled with the little rockets he rode. Maybe that made up for not going on the space shuttle, I'm not sure. :-)

Our weather has been awesome - not too hot and not too cool. We got out and took a nice walk this evening. Tomorrow Dick is going golfing and I will stay with two of our DGC so our son can go with Dick.

I am working on completing a couple throw pillows. I embroidered birds for the center, and then am doing log cabin-type piecing around the birds. They are for two good friends. One is blue and one red.

We have really been enjoying our back yard this summer. Most mornings we go out with our coffee and look at the paper, and then eat quite a few meals out on the patio. I know, it's a rough life.


  1. Great picture of the boys. They are growing up! It sounds like a great trip.


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