Monday, August 4, 2008

Darling granddaughters

Well, I said I would post pics of my cutie-pie DGDs all dressed up and made up at Tylee's birthday part at the tea house on Saturday. Tylee is the one with the crown, and Aubrey is the other little girl. Tylee just turned seven and Aubrey had her ninth birthday a month ago. They just looked so cute and had such a good time.

The first thing they do is pick out shoes, dress, jewelry, etc. and get dressed. Then comes hair, makeup and nails. After that they take pics and then have the tea party and the gifts. It is all so cute, and the little girls just love it.


  1. Darling GD's indeed! What fun for little girls, their mommies, and grandmommas. The girls are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The girls look so cute all dressed up, Donna! We have places like that here too, and the girls just love to go. Who doesn't love to play dress up...I know I still do!


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