Sunday, August 31, 2008

Almost September

Oh, my gosh, tomorrow is September 1!

This past weekend we went camping with our sons and their families at Big Lava Lake in Central Oregon. There were such lovely views of the mountains, and it was a very relaxed, enjoyable time. One son has a bed for us in their trailer, so it works out great for us.

I never did post about our trip to Seattle with our DGDs. We had a lovely time and they were well behaved. We went up in the Space Needle and then they went on quite a few rides at the Seattle Center. They also went to a park and to the Children's Museum, so had a full couple days. Aubrey (9) is on the left, and Tylee (7) is on the right.

Quilting-wise, I have been so frustrated with my Juki, which I only use for the actual machine quilting process. Thankfully, there is a store that sells and services machines just a couple milse from home. First there were serious tension problems and problems with skipped stitches. They got the tension f ixed, but the skipped stitches have been a nightmare. It will skip a half-inch or so, and connect for one stitch or a few, and skip again. Finally, they are ordering a part, and I sure hope it takes care of the problem. It has been more than frustrating. Having the quilting issues does mean that I have been pretty successful in getting some piecing done, so that is a plus, I guess.


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  2. Donna the camping scene looks so peaceful what a wonderful opportunity to camp with all the kids. Looks like the girls had a great time on their special trip with grandma and grandpa!

  3. Wow...looks like you guys are just lovin' life AND you're getting to do it in a beautiful place. It doesn't get any better!


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