Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little Beauties!

Aren't grandkids just the greatest?! These two little grandgirls of ours got into my Halloween stuff and of course we had to take their picture. For Halloween they both are going to be something from the High School Musical craze.

We spent a week in Central Oregon and came home Wednesday. One day there was just a little skiff of snow on the ground, but that didn't keep our sons, grandson and my husband from going out golfing. Actually, the snow melted as soon as the sun came up. We really enjoy our week there, and we have been going every October for seven or eight years.

I took my sewing machine and worked on my Thimbleberries Big Club block of the month quilt. The is the link to what it will look like when I am done. I got caught up through the ninth month, and I really like the parts that are done. I won't do this again though. It's just too much money for what you get.

I pieced in one of the one-third sections of the batting for my king-sized quilt. I had previously cut out the two outer portions, and am now done with quilting the middle third of the quilt. So tomorrow I will head back to my machine and start on the second third. It is such a big quilt that it really helps a lot to not have all that bulk in there when working on the middle of the quilt.

Our autumn weather has been so beautiful. Our yard debris bucket is full of trimmings and leaves, and will continue that way for several weeks. The colors have been so spectacular. Our journeys though the mountains to and from Central Oregon were so beautiful, with so much vine maple and other trees changed in color.

Well, I think I'll call it a night. Last night I sewed until 1:30 a.m., so am feeling the need for bed.


  1. Love the "scary" grandkids! The girls look like they are having a ball and that is what it is all about at Grandma's! I am glad you enjoyed your vacation. Snow or no snow Dan would have been right there on the golf course. He plays year round!

  2. Those girls look so silly in that photo that you can practically hear the giggles! I need to start a dress-up box like that for our girls--they'd love it!


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