Sunday, November 23, 2008

Football and Quilting

Well, what do football and quilting have to do with each other? Actually nothing other than it seems that I can get so much quilting done while sitting and watching football. I like pro football the best, but quite a few college games interest me also.

Anyway, I finally got to my redwork embroidery quilting project. A couple months ago or so I had put together the embroidered blocks with the pieced blocks, and now I am quilting away on it. I obviously want to have it ready to put out for the holidays this year. This is a picture of one of the blocks that I have finished quilting. I am using white glitter thread from Superior threads. I have gotten quite a bit done yesterday and today, along with football and four of our grandson's basketball games. Obviously, I haven't done much else!! :-)


  1. The quilting looks amazing, Donna. This quilt will be a show stopper when done! I also like the new look to your blog.

  2. Oh my Donna, Dee will really start begging now! The quilting is so delicate - just perfect!

  3.'s perfect! But then again, I knew it would be!


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