Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday is coming fast!

Our Christmas celebration is December 14, because Kurt and family will be in San Diego for Christmas. So, in light of that, I have six more days to be ready. Thankfully, a lot is done. I have one pair of pajamas to sew; I've made two nightgowns and one fleece throw (Oregon Ducks fabric, of course). I need to make cookies, but I think I'll make the dough tonight or tomorrow and put it in the freezer until Saturday, and then make them so they will be fresh.

We are having a brunch celebration on Sunday, so I'll be making two breakfast casseroles and probably cinnamon rolls. That way hopefully there will be plenty to please everyone. One of the casseroles will be your Tamworth eggs, Dee, and the other an overnight apple french toast, but this time I'm making it with marionberries.

My hubby and Kurt got the tree up, and I decorated it yesterday, except for the decorations that I've save for the grandchildren to put on - four separate piles of decorations, one for each child to add. I've got to be fair, you know.

Oh, and there's the wrapping. That's the part I like least, but I've got to get that done also. Well, maybe after the pjs are made I can do that.


  1. Here I am!! :)
    I really do read your blog but I do it thru google reader and sometimes it's just a hassle to leave there and come post. But I'll try to do better about that.
    What a great idea about letting your Grands help with the tree.
    Do you think I could get by with that? I could set up the tree and set the big tote of decorations below it and let them have at it. hahahaha

  2. Donna - Just think you will be all relaxed when we all start to sweat it! It sounds like you have everything well in hand. Don't forget to take some pics for us! Have fun

  3. Pics are coming, girls, and I got some shopping done today, so I'm on my way. One more pair of pjs to make, and they shouldn't be too bad, I don't think.

    Glad to see you here, Linda. I don't know anything about google reader. You and Jacquie and Dee are so much smarter about lots of computer stuff than I am.


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