Monday, June 15, 2009

Camera - what camera?

Oh, dear, where can our camera be? Unfortunately, we cannot find it anywhere, and are afraid that when we were out last weekend, that we left it somewhere. Every place we've inquired says the same thing - no, haven't had a camera turned in. So, until our new one comes this week, I will show you a few recent pics. (I had a few on the old camera that I planned to post, so will try to re-take them in a few days.) I had actually made some progress on my Mariner's Compass, and I was going to show you.

The first picture is of our younger son (the fireman) and his family. The occasion for the flowers was a school program, and we had given our DGD a bouquet of flowers after the performance.

This pic is of our older son and his family. We of course are prejudiced, but we thing our kids and families are mighty good looking!

Next is our second grade Princess at the school jog-athon. We got to spend a little time in her class with her. She didn't want us to leave!

These cousins adore each other, and love to be together. Older DGS, age 10, is playing a video game, and the little guy (age 4) is "helping."

Here is our fourth grade Princess in the rose-colored t-shirt. The occasion is the same school jog-athon.

Now, relating to quilty matters, I have very busy quilting on a quilt for DGD's birthday. I will wait until after her bday to post a picture of it, just in case she happens to see my blog open. I also put another border on my Mariner's Compass, and have planned another border, which I haven't started yet.

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  1. It's just hard to get enough of those beautiful faces isn't it?
    We just spent last evening with all the kids and couldn't soak them in fast enough.


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