Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Project Linus

My friend Patti and I met with the Portland/Vancouver Project Linus coordinator on Monday. Our group (Charity Chicks - isn't that a cute name?) had 13 quilts to give her, and there were six or seven from another group. I just love the Project Linus cause - can you tell? I definitely need to remember to take the camera so I can take pics of all the quilts and post them. There were some really beautiful ones.

I finished sewing the binding down last night on another PL quilt. This one was fun - of course they all are, but this one was made from a jelly roll that I purchased from Connecting Threads quite some time ago. The sashing and backing are made from donated fabric. I just did kind of a wavy meander for the quilting.

We had some surprise rain showers on Monday, and they continued just a bit yesterday. DH and I were out for a walk, and got rained on a bit.

Our poor oldest grandson Tanner - his baseball team is not doing well at all. He generally plays very well, but the team as a whole is doing so poorly. They had a game last night, and the game was called after the other team got a 10-run lead. Our little guys (4th grade) seemed so down, and I just felt so bad for them. Conversely, his little sister Tylee (2nd grade) is playing softball, and their team really is doing well. Those little girls are just too darn cute to watch.


  1. Great job~~~I have wanted to do PL for quite some time but my girls always end up having another little one that I need to make a quilt for so I haven't done any quilts to donate yet. I'm hoping this summer to get some made-it is such a worthy cause.
    Have a day filled with laughter and sunshine; we've had the rain and cold too and I'm ready for summer.

  2. Super quilt and super project.


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