Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy New Year and Confession

First of all, hopefully better late than never, Happy New Year. I hope it will be a joyful, safe and healthy year for all.

Okay, I have to admit it. I've spent far too much time on Facebook and playing the game Farmtown and ignored my blog and looking at the blogs of my cyber friends. I have to do better.

I haven't talked about our DDIL who has breast cancer recently. She has now had her second chemo treatment, and has had trouble with nausea and being tired, but I think she has done quite well overall.

Just after the new year, a friend showed me an ad for the Farmer's Wife quilt book. I was immediately interested, and she suggested we make the quilt at the same time. So, we both bought our books and gathered fabric, and then got together and discussed the project. We both are working on our blocks at home, and in a week or so, we'll get together and sew on more blocks. We each are choosing the ones we want to make. I have to admit that I am really loving making these six inch blocks. I had a grouping of fat quarters from Connecting Threads that I am using a lot of, but I also added some reds, blues, and a couple more each of neutrals and browns. I have a difficult time making a quilt without some blue, especially if it is a scrappy quilt. There are 111 blocks in the book, but I don't plan on making that many.


  1. Prayers and (((hugs))) for Tonya. I really like your blocks so far. That would be fun to work with another quilter on the same project.

  2. Keeping Tonya in our prayers. Hope the nausea passes. I'm resisting looking too hard at the Farmer's Wife quilt. It's very tempting!

  3. Two down for Tonya - that's good. I am glad she seems to be doing pretty well. Love the blocks and I agree with Linda working with another quilter on the same project is a great idea!


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