Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas pics, Grandchildren

Our little grandson and I enjoyed making Christmas cookies. He likes making them, but it's pretty obvious what his favorite part is. He always hopes there will be lots of dough left on the beater and in the bowl.

We had our sons and their families at our house on Christmas Day for dinner and presents, and later games. We had such a good time; good food, nice gifts and best of all great company.

The first picture shows our younger grandson with the pajamas I made for him. The second picture is our older grandson with the scarf I knitted for him, and finally, our two granddaughters with the nightgowns that I made for them.

And last, here are our four darling grandchildren. This was taken before the great mess was created! What precious memories for us.


  1. Looks like fun times were abounding at the Smith home! Love the jammies and scarf.

  2. What great presents! It must be a Christmas thing with the cookie baking. We did the same thing. After all....Santa does like his cookies! FUN!!


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