Friday, February 19, 2010

Quilting retreat, Farmer's Wife

Well, today is pretty exciting for me.  In about four hours I am off to a quilting retreat.  I have my stuff all packed, and probably am taking way, way too much stuff, but at least I will have some options!  My main project, I think, will be working on an intricate paper pieced iris wallhanging.

I got six more Farmer's Wife blocks done.  One of them I didn't do so great a job on, but I'm not going to point it out for you!!  :-)  I really like the way they are turning out.

Last Sunday we went and spent a day at the beach.  It was a beautiful  sunny day, and we got a long walk in along the ocean.  We had planned this day to watch our grandson Tanner play in a basketball tournament.  Alas, two days before he was to go, he was playing basketball outside, and slipped on wet pavement and turned his leg very badly.  When all was said and done, he had a fracture in the ankle area, and didn't play in the tournament.  He will be out of basketball for the rest of his season, and won't be able to play baseball until late April.  This will be tough on him since he's quite the little athlete, but thankfully it wasn't a worse injury.


  1. Enjoy your retreat and I hope Tanner heals quickly.

  2. Enjoy your retreat. I certainly think a retreat is in order for you. Sorry to hear about Tanner. My son had the same injury about Tanner's age and did just fine except for the 8 weeks of missing sports!

  3. Ok so you're already gone on your retreat but I still have to put in my two cents.
    Poor Tanner! I know so well how hard it is on those boys when they can't do their sports. Hope he heals well and soon. I love your blocks Donna.

  4. Have lots of fun on your retreat!


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