Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Retreat, quilt show

Oh, my, the retreat was just wonderful! It was so nice to go and have no interruptions and just sew and sew and sew. I worked on a rather intricate paper-pieced iris wallhanging. I got probably 3/4 or more of it pieced, and I'm really liking the way it looks.  My place for sewing was just this side of my friend there in the black shirt.  I think there were about 25 of us there, with several from our quilt guild.

The day before the retreat, I went to a quilt show.  It wasn't real large, and almost all the quilts were hand quilted, which further inspired me to try hand quilting again.  It's been many years since I have done that.
These pictures are from the show.


  1. That looks like so much fun Donna. And quite a good number attending! And those quilts are nice. I like the pineapple/applique'.

  2. It is not often to see a lot of hand quilted quilts anymore at shows .... thanks for sharing these beauties!

  3. Gorgeous quiltgs. I also like the pineapple/applique one best.

  4. Mmm, I am drooling over the last quilt - it is so pretty


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