Sunday, August 1, 2010

Home after Disneyland

We've been home a week today, and it was so good to get home again. July was a very busy, but enjoyable month.

We had such a nice time at Disneyland/California Adventure with our kids and grandkids. It is such fun to go with family and enjoy with them the things that they enjoy so much. We also spent one day at Knott's Berry Farm with our older son and his family. That was great fun also. There were several roller coasters there, and I went on one, but was not too crazy about it. At California Adventure though, they had a big roller coaster that we all went on twice (yes, twice), and it was awesome! I surprised myself, believe me!

The first pic is of our 4 DGC.

This is a picture of our older son and his family.

And this would be our younger son and his family.

And here we are with our two sons. I guess I don't need to say that we're very proud of both of them and their families.

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