Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is summer over?

Well, I am about as inconsistent with my blogging as anyone could be.

So far September has been quilt cool - more so than usual, and already some of the trees are changing color. Our summer was quite unusual - cooler than usual, with very few days that topped out over 90.

I think I may have mentioned (maybe not) that I was going to take a landscape quilting class. It was on two Saturdays in August. The picture below is the not-yet-finished result of that class. I am not yet decided on whether I even like it very much. It has been a very intense process, with LOTS of fussy cutting from several different fabrics, and then LOTS of gluing and then free-motion tacking down of the pieces with monofiliment thread, and then sandwiching and LOTS of quilting down the pieces. I have finally finished through that point, and still need to quilt the green between the fence posts, and the blue at the top. I can't see me doing this process again, as I have decided I am definitely more a traditional quilting/piecing person.


  1. I think it looks GREAT! I am regretting all the extra leaves I put on mine. aaarrrggghhh. LOL

  2. Hey Donna it's very pretty! But I think I would agree with you...that's a lot of futzing around. But worth it in the end I'm sure.

  3. I do like it and agree with you and Linda landscaping is not my cup of tea. Good to see you blog a bit though! I miss my Oregon connection!


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