Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well, it's done

Well, after what seems like days of fussy cutting and miles of thread, my landscape wallhanging is complete.  It measures about 38 by 44 inches.  I have to say I now like it.  I wasn't sure all the time I was working on it, but it turned out pretty well, I think.  Despite being pleased with it, I don't think I will ever do another one.  It is just not the type of thing I really enjoy working on. 

In my last post I wondered if summer had gone already, and I am pleased to report that we have had a beautiful week, with weather in the 70s, and that will help us get a few tomatoes off our plants before it gets real chilly.

I am now doing the quilting on a Project Linus quilt, so that is something that I definitely enjoy doing.

I hope everyone has a pleasant week.


  1. Oh, Donna, that is breathtaking! It looks like a painting! You did a great job. I understand not being in love with fussy cutting though..me either!

  2. Absolutely love it Donna! I guess you now know the reason they call it fussy cut because you fuss when you have to do it! Now you can relax and enjoy your Project Linus quilt!


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