Sunday, February 12, 2012

I've been slipping - again!

Well, I have let more time go by than I had planned before posting.

First, it is almost retreat time again!  I will go Friday and come home on Sunday.  I have a couple projects ready to take and am looking forward to some good solid quilting time and chatting time with my friends.  It helps also that the retreat center serves really yummy food!

DH and I spent a few days at the Oregon coast this week.  We had two rainy days and one day that was absolutely gorgeous.  We walked and walked on the beach and enjoyed every minute.

The clouds were so beautiful.

I don't imagine everyone would agree with us, but we consider
 these sea gulls to be water rats - a big, dirty nuisance.

Very pretty, large piece of driftwood.

It was a pretty calm day with not much surf.

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  1. Water rats!!??? Donna!! hahaha Actually you are probably right...but Don & I sure enjoyed feeding those rats when we spent that winter down in Rockport, Tx. lol As always I love to see your pics.


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