Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Retreat is over!

 Oh, it went so fast!  We were at a very nice retreat center and right out the windows was a river flowing by.  And oh, my, the food - such excellence!  It was so nice to be with my quilting buds again and sew and visit.

The photo below shows some of the quilts that were brought for show and tell.  There is always so much inspiration.  I just need more hours in each day to accomplish all I want.  Well, there's that, and then  there's the fact that I don't make as good use of my time as I could, that's for sure.
See the river out the window?
And this is what I was working on:  The pattern is "Sallie's Quilt."  These are some of the 20 or so blocks I made.  I still have approximately 12 to make, unless I decide to increase the size of the quilt.  Those blocks don't come quickly though, so probably not.  At any rate, that decision doesn't have to be made for a while yet.


  1. What a gorgeous setting for your retreat and what beautiful quilts! I like your blocks.

  2. Your retreat looks like so much fun. And oh my there are some really great quilts hanging on that railing. I really really like your blocks and the fabrics you have chosen. That will be a beauty!!


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