Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Latest musings

Yesterday I needed to put away what I was working on, due to the visit of a certain little person, so I pulled out a jelly roll that I had purchased from Connecting Threads. I played around and came up with these blocks. They go together so easily, and I think I can easily make 12 blocks, and then probably find something in my stash for sashing and a border or two, and have another quilt top that will probably go to Project Linus when completed. I am so pleased with this collection. I am not an employee or in any way related to the Connecting Threads folks; just a happy customer. I also like their prices - $5.96 a yard, I think it is.

These little silly DGC are taking a bath in our bathroom and wanted me to take a picture of their "helmets." Too cute. They just have the best time playing around and making a mess!

The last picture is on one section of our back yard on a warmer day than today. Come on back warm weather! I think (hope) it is to warm up a bit starting tomorrow.


  1. Fun blocks, cute grandkids and promising flowers..I see coralbells, bleeding hearts, azaleas, etc. I'll bet it's pretty when all are blooming.

  2. Donna
    Your flowers and DGC are beautiful, even with the helmet heads! I,too love Connecting Threads!

  3. I love Connecting Thread's fabrics, too! And their thread! Great Project Linus quilts...they will bring much comfort and lots of blanket hugs to children in need!!

  4. OMGosh Donna! Where are the weeds???? ;)
    The kids look like they are having such a great time.


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