Monday, August 24, 2009

Oregon coast

Have you ever visited the Oregon coast? It is spectacular beyond words. DH and I spent a couple days there last week, and had a marvelous time. The weather even cooperated. We walked on the beach in shirt sleeves the first day, and I wore a light jacket the second day. The first picture is of DH and I at Pacific City. The tide was out, and we were exploring some great tide pools. The other two pictures were taken at Cape Mears.

On this trip I got to visit four quilt shops. DH is so tolerant. If he can sit and read his book while I check out the shops, he is happy.


  1. Just breathtaking Donna! It sounds like a wonderful trip. Oregon is one of those places I have always wanted to visit, your pics make me want to more!

  2. Is that the Haystack in your first pic behind you? I think Pacific City is where we stayed for a week when we went out there to fish for salmon years ago. If it is then we have walked on that same beach and taken pics of the sunset there. Oh how I'd love to come back.

  3. Lucky you, I hardly ever get my hubby to travel and he once visited a quilt shop with me, next time he was with me he declined the offer to come in with me (although I pointed out it was a different store) saying he'd been to a quilt store once and did not feel the need to enter another. Lol. But he's okay with waiting for me IF I don't take to long.


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