Monday, August 3, 2009


I just realized that I hadn't written about meeting Linda and Don in Kearney. Some of my family live not too far from there, so it seemed like a good meeting place. It was sooo nice to see them again, and we had a nice visit at Perkins and a delicious lunch. After lunch we went to the quilt shop in Kearney and, of course, each of us just had to make some purchases.

I have been wanting to make a flag quilt of some type, so I bought a couple pieces of fabric to use in that. Linda and I each bought an embroidery pattern with pieced blocks around it - Over the River and Through the Woods (Crabapple Tree pattern ). I really loved making the Winter Wonderland pattern, so someday I hope to complete this one also.
The picture is of Linda and I in that wonderful quilt shop in Kearney, The Quilter's Cottage.

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  1. You're both looking good. Glad you had a nice visit.


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