Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and Aunt Millie

What do Halloween and Aunt Millie have in common? Well, nothing, actually. Those two things are what I wanted to include in this blog post.

I had mentioned in my previous post that our four DGC carved pumpkins (or in the case of the little DGC, he "helped carve") at our house the day before Halloween. This picture shows our sweeties with their creations.

Now, as to Aunt Millie, I bought the Piece of Cake applique pattern "Aunt Millie's Garden. A couple days ago I finished the first block. I did the applique with the back basting method, and I really do like that method. My friend Linda from first demonstrated that method a couple years ago. I later found a tutorial on line and printed that out. I started on my second block last night. The predominant color in that block is purple. My current thought is that I will make four blocks and make a wallhanging, but that obviously is subject to change. I don't get these things done very quickly.

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  1. LOVE that pose! HAHAHA And cute pumpkins.
    Back basting is definitely my favorite method for needleturn. I've tried a couple of other techniques and just don't like any other way. This is my favorite by far.
    Pretty block.


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