Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quilts from a few years ago

I don't seem to have much of interest to post about, so I thought I would show pictures of a couple lap-sized quilts I made for our sons and their wives a few years ago.

These quilts resulted from a class a friend and I took. These tumbling blocks do not have inset seams. They are constructed in strips. Anyway, this class was an experience. The teacher did not give us any written instructions or direction at all. She had some samples of the steps that she pinned up on a board, so I took my camera and took pictures of everything. I printed out the photos and labelled them, and believe me, I used those pictures repeatedly.

Our weather the last few days was absolutely beautiful, and yesterday was shirt-sleeve weather, and then there is today. Today started out pretty decent, and then this afternoon the rain and wind came. Our yard is covered in leaves again. It sounds like it will be rainy and windy for our grandsons' football and soccer games on Saturday.
I guess I'll go back to my quilting. My progress has been slow, to say the least.


  1. Wow Donna. Good for you for being able to get them done without good direction. They look a bit complicated to me.

  2. They look pretty complicated to me as well. I love them and the definitely interest me! Maybe on that to do list sometime!

  3. Sometimes, photos are easier to comprehend than written instructions. Wonderful quilts!


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