Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Quilting Reatreat in February

Prep work is completed for my Dove Tales quilt.  All the block elements are cut and I'm ready to take it to retreat in February.  All the pieces for each block are separated on a paper plate, and it makes it so easy to just pick up the correct piece and start sewing.

Then I just had to do a sample block for my Primitive Patchworks basket pattern.  That pattern I am working on the rest of the cutting for.  I hope to take it to retreat also.  I will have my choice of whichever one I want to work on, and maybe it will be a bit of both.


  1. Awwww reading your post brought back those good memories of our weekends.
    I like your projects. Should keep your busy. Have FUN

  2. Thanks for your comment, Linda. I agree - those weekends we all had were so enjoyable. I think back on them often. By the way, we may be headed east in mid or late April. I'll keep in touch.


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