Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lodge and Lakeside

Well, after just thinking about how I was going to quilt this thing, I finally bit the bullet and sandwiched it so I could begin quilting. This is the Thimbleberries BOM for 2008. I increased the size of it to somewhere around 120 inches square, so it is huge! I do love it though, and it will work perfectly on our king-sized bed. What a job it is quilting it though. I pin basted approximately to the top and bottom edges in the area that includes the tree blocks on each side. Then I cut out the batting on the sides to make a bit less bulk. I will hand-stitch the batting back in one side at a time when I complete the center of the quilt.
I haven't worked much more on my EQ6 lessons for a couple days. I need to spend a little time on it, because I want to work on a couple projects of my own on it after I get a bit more proficient. One of them I could probably do at this point, but I will wait a bit anyway.
Yesterday we took our DGC to an Oregon Trail Museum. They do a nice presentation there, with a film, and two of the DGC have studied the Oregon Trail in school. It is nicely geared in a lot of areas to be interactive for children, so it was a nice experience for them, and we all learned a lot.
Last Sunday I saw that Michael's was having a sale on birdhouses, acrylic paint and foam brushes. I figured those would be a great project for the DGC, so we got four birdhouses, several colors of paint, and a bunch of foam brushes. After we got home from the museum yesterday, and after feeding their always hungry tummies, we got out all the supplies and they painted away! It was pretty cute watching them mix colors, and seeing what they came up with. They are without a doubt colorful!! I don't have a picture yet, but will take one and post it. They were pleased with what they did, and now we need to hang them all in the back yard.
As a final note, I have repeatedly spaced between paragraphs like in my other posts, but it just doesn't stay when I publish the post, so I hope this is not too difficult to read.


  1. The quilt is going to be fabulous! What a big job quilting will be! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I have never heard of cutting the batting away like that, will have to give it a thought. The quilt is beautiful, I like the colors, but oh my, I wouldn't want to quilt it. Lol.
    Thanks for the comment about my son.


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