Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Project Linus Bowtie Quilt

I think I mentioned that we had purchased birdhouses for the grandchildren to paint. They did that Friday afternoon and had such a good time painting them. We will have a very colorful backyard, with those hanging there. They all want to leave them here, as we have some nice fir trees to hang them from.

I finished another Project Linus quilt. This is the Bowtie block, and while I wish I had quilted the entire thing in black, I didn't, and I hope someone will still enjoy it.

I have continued the quilting on my Thimbleberries quilt, and it is coming along nicely, but boy, what a lot of work!! I am doing some freehand quilting, some stencil, and some tissue paper quilting. We go to CA on about the 22nd, and I wish I would have it done by then, but I doubt very seriously if that will happen.


  1. Love the birdhouses! Looks like the kids have Grandma's creative genes!

  2. What fun you must have had with the kids! Love the bowtie quilt too!

  3. What an interesting setting for the bowtie quilt! I just love it!

  4. Love the quilt...you do awesome work!!!


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