Friday, March 20, 2009

A very good Friday

This first picture is of Aubrey. I may have mentioned that I have taken her to three sessions of sewing classses for little girls that they offer here through community ed. One was for pajama pants, and the next one they screen printed some fabric and did some stamping on it, and made a bag. She is in her pj pants and holding the bag that she made. I am proud of her, she did so well.

The second bag is one I made and finished this morning. I have been wanting to make a new purse, and finally just decided to take a break from the quilting of my Thimbleberries and make it. I've had the fabric and pattern for quite a while. The pattern is Bow Tucks Tote by Penny Sturges of

The next picture is our DGC taken in front of the fire truck at the station where our son Kurt is a firefighter. He has not been at this station for too long, and today all of our family got to visit him. He showed us around, and since the area around the station is also the training facility, there was lots to see and do. The kids got to try a number of things, and it was so enjoyable.

The last picture is of Kurt showing Tanner how to hook up to the fire hydrant.


  1. That must have bin just awesome for the kids. There is something for you at my blog. Hugs..

  2. I just came across your blog and love it. Not only am I a nana of 7, mom of 2 but retired and moved to Colorado from Ca. I've done Linus quilts there but none here yet. I love seeing your projects and plan to read more. Have a blessed day.


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