Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gotta love the springtime

Well, I thought I'd work on my reformation and not wait three weeks to post again. I don't have much to show on the quilting front, so I'll show some pictures of our back yard, and some of the plants and flowers that we enjoy so much. I spent some time yesterday just sitting on the patio reading and enjoying the weather.

Tonight is our guild meeting, so I'll take the quilt I completed for Project Linus. Janet Fogg is to be our guest speaker. She is an award-winning quilting, and her studio is located in the Portland area. It should be a great event tonight. I'm missing a grandson baseball game for the meeting, so anyone who knows me well, knows I am really, really looking forward to hearing Janet.


  1. Oh Donna, your flowers are beautiful! And those trees!! How I would LOVE to have those trees surrounding my yard. Are those Tiger Lilly's along the walk? And boy oh boy your columbines are just loaded!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    And have fun at guild.

  2. How I wish we could keep an area as open and free of creepy crawly vines and such. But no such luck here in SE KS. You can put down pavers and two weeks later something will be growing between then. What a nice spot to hang out.

  3. Love your yard pics. So peaceful! Your latest Project Linus was so pretty - I like the chocolate and turquoise. Enjoy guild.

  4. I just love you garden and the birdhouses are great. I don't feed birds around here anymore because of my cats. They keep the barn and stables free of mouses but are so much the hunters that they jump up and catch birds from the air if they fly to near. So no more bird feeding.

    Thanks for the comments you left on my blog. It was good to hear from you.


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