Monday, May 25, 2009

Oops-time has slipped by again!

Wow, I better get myself in gear and post!

I did manage to finish another Project Linus quilt. It is mostly made from leftover fabrics from one of the French Braid quilts I made last year. Our guild had gone together and ordered a roll of polyester batting from our quilt shop, and then when it came, it turned out to have a greater loft than most of us like. I decided to go ahead and try it with one quilt, and while I still am not crazy about it, it did look much better after I "tamed" it with quilting and the binding.

Last week we were having beautiful weather, so hubby and I decided we needed an outing for the day, so we went to Astoria, Oregon, which is a two hour or so drive from home. We had lunch at this very quaint fish and chips lunch stand. We had eaten there before. They just have tuna fish and chips, and it was so yummy! It's worth the drive just for that, and then there is the marvelous scenery on the way and when we get there.

At Astoria, they have a wonderful walkway that goes along the Columbia River. We took a long walk along the walkway, and went out on the pier, where all these sea lions were resting and making a racket, probably belching and digesting all the salmon they eat. (Spoken like a person from the Northwest!!) :-)


  1. Love the quilt. Those are such calming colors.

  2. I like that quilt, it's got a nice movement in it. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

  3. Donna I love the quilt and your quilting looks like you tamed it well. :)
    Your little trip sounds wonderful!!

  4. Batting is a tricky thing .... you either like the loftiness or not. Glad that you were able to work around it. Love the quilt pattern and the colours you used. Someone will be having a nice snuggle.

  5. Love your "northwest" posts. So many of the places you speak of I have heard about from our friends. The sea lions were amazing, if they were laying around belching and making a racket I wonder where all the females were LOL!!


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