Saturday, December 5, 2009

Long time-no post

Well, I really haven't fallen off the face of the earth. We have been stricken with some very unwelcome news: One of our DDILs, age 36, found a lump in her breast. The doctor found another one under her arm, and after a mammogram and biopsy, it was confirmed that she has cancer. Following that came a mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes under her arm. They told her she will have chemo and radiation. Next is an appointment with the oncologist to find out just what the tests revealed from the surgery. She is holding up very well, and is very optimistic, but we are definitely concerned about how it will go when she starts chemo, which will be fairly soon, I imagine. This dear girl is married to our younger son, and has two darling children, a girl age 10, and a boy, age 5.

On a happier note, this sweet little lad is the one with the ill mommy. He played soccer this year, and the one picture has our son in the picture. He was the coach and did such a good job with the little guys. The boys were so cute and had so much fun, and even managed to learn a bit about soccer. The other picture is our grandson bundled up to go out in the cold a few days ago. We think he is just as cute as can be.

This quilt is for Project Linus. It stems from a quilt I completed in 2008 for our other grandson's 10th birthday. From the pattern I used for his quilt, there were approximately a million (well, more or less) waste triangles, so I sewed a BUNCH of them together and trimmed them, and came up with this quilt, that I hope some young man will enjoy. I didn't take a picture of the back, but it is football fabric.


  1. Very very nice quilts you have there. :)

  2. Love the pictures - little boys are cute and so much fun!!! The quilt is very nice and such a great use of the scraps. Praying for Tonya daily!

  3. Tonya remains in our prayers. The quilt is very nice and will definitely make someone very happy. Thanks for sharing the cute pics.

  4. What a little cutie!
    That quilt is stunning, Donna...I always loved playing with waste triangles.

    Thinking of you often and keeping Tonya in my prayers. {Hugs}

  5. Cute kid! Cute quilt!
    Now I wish I still had that bunch of leftover triangles that I dumped last year. heehee


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