Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby quilt completed and sent

My nephew's wife delivered a baby girl last week, and I had completed a quilt to send. I didn't post it before because it's doubtful that they look at my blog, but just in case I waited until I'm sure they have received it in the mail.

I love the Hanky Panky quilt pattern, and that's the one that I used. The picture isn't all that good, unfortunately.

I am waiting to get good pictures of the two remaining grandchildren as they play softball and baseball.  You know, I need to give equal coverage to all!!  :-)


  1. Love the Hanky Panky Quilt! I also have a couple of projects that I am not posting for the same reason. Can't wait to see more pictures of your adorable grands!

  2. its lovely, the colours work really well, this is a pattern I am not familiar with, where did you find it? I hope you are having luck with your decluttering!!

  3. I love the colors of the quilt. Thank you for sharing.


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