Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What can I say?

OMG, it's been more than a month since I have posted.  I seem to do pretty well for a while, and then, well, I don't know, I just don't get it done.

We have had a wet and cool spring after a much dryer winter.  The next few days, however, are supposed to be nice, so we really need to get out and get some of our large crop of weeds pulled.

We have been going to a lot of our grandchildren's sports activities. Our grandkids are playing softball, baseball, basketball, T-ball and volleyball. We love seeing them play, and they love having their fan club all there. These are a couple pics of the youngest at his T-ball game. Those little guys are so cute.  The little girl behind him in the bottom picture is his cousin.

One of the things I want to get accomplished is to go to the blogs I especially enjoy following and catch up a bit, so hopefully I can spend a little time on that today.

I have done some quilting, but I'll leave posting about that for another time.


  1. Good to hear from you and see the kids. We have still not been able to go to any of Peton's games hoping that we can make at least one this year. Too much rain and cancellations!

  2. Oh my goodness! With all those games when do you have time for anything else? Like sleeping? hahah These are the BEST years though!

  3. its just that life gets in the way! I am the same with photos on holiday, I am too busy having a good time to remember to snap!!! nice to see you back though!!


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