Monday, January 16, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

A few days ago DH and I took a long walk along a trail and had several magnificent views of Mt. Hood.  Mt. Hood is the closest mountain to us and is perhaps 40 miles from our home near Portland, OR  We never get tired of viewing her in all her splendor.  Additionally, we frequently see Mt. St. Helens to the NE of us, and at times Mt. Adams in Washington.  Others are visible when we travel from home.

Now, please meet Baltippora, or what I call a self-portrait.  She is not quite complete, but I am so tickled with her that I had to show her now.  A while back offered free patterns that they called "Fairy Quilt Godmothers."  You answered a few funny questions, and then got back by email a paper piecing pattern of your FQG.  By the way, still offers the patterns free.  My pattern languished for a good while until a friend did hers and I was so taken with it that I pulled mine out and started it.  The gold underneath is what the border will be, and hopefully that will get done tomorrow.  This has been one of those "it was just so much fun" projects.
I pulled a box out of the attic a few weeks ago in order to give one of our DGDs a doll I had when I was a child.  When I was rummaging around in the box, I found a quilt that is in kind of bad shape.  It is all white and consists of  a number of embroidered blocks.  The one in the bottom right-hand corner was embroidered by my mother, and there are three others embroidered by  my three aunts and one by my great-aunt, but the others I am not familiar with who embroidered them.  I am going to send some pictures to an aunt and see if she has any information about the quilt.  I want to take much better care of it now that I have rescued it from the attic.


  1. What a find! And I love your self portrait!

  2. Donna, came across your blog and I am so enjoying it. Love your Self Portrait, I think I will try one.


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