Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More this and that

Actually, I just felt the need to post about my four DGC again.  I haven't bragged about them for a while.  This first picture is me with our youngest GC.  He's 7 and in first grade.  Just before school started in September, we took him to the beach and he and Grandpa and I spent a long time trying to make sand castles.  He loves coming to our house.  We have several little boys in our neighborhood for him to play with.
 This handsome boy is our oldest GC.  He is 13 and as I look at this picture which was taken close to a year ago, I realize how much he has grown and changed.  Adolescence does that to you, I guess.  At any rate, his basketball team won a tournament the day this was taken, and there have been a number of wins since that day also.
 The next two pictures are too cute for words.  The two girls on the left are our granddaughters.  On the right is my nephew's daughter.  My nephew's wife French braided the girls' hair and it turned out soooo cute!  Our DGDs are 10 (on the left) and 12 (middle).  The other little punkin is 8, I think.


  1. Awww they are all just adorable! Boy she did a good job on those braids! Cute.

  2. And you should brag. What cute kids!


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